Figure and Portrait Items

Figure and Portrait

Where portraits can be historical and expressions of charm or expertise, figure painting examines the human form.  Capturing form in motion can successfully express emotion and the beauty of the human figure.  If you do not find a figure or portrait painting you are looking for, please call or email, we may not have cataloged it yet."

Known for his detailed and insightful figurative works, this highly desirable painting of two boys playing checkers is characteristic of his best works.  In the lower right, the painting is signed, dated and titled on verso.  In addition it has exhibition labels.

Portrait of Elizabeth "Betje" Van Dyck Vosburg., c. 1725. Unsigned, in original frame; accompanied by a Van Dyke family bible printed in Amsterdam in 1702. Condition: Minor repairs, scattered retouch.

Literature: Genealogy research from the Collections on the history of Albany: from its discovery to the present time, edited by Joel Munsell (Albany, New York, 1871), indicates...

Possibly the work of Ammi Phillips, these portraits portray a lady and gentleman seated in red painted chairs.  The light that is captured in the ruffles of the woman's shawl by the artist is beautiful.  Their stark expressions are very pleasant. 

Zoning out on the beach you see a lot of paddleball; but again only the thought not visual really, informed this work. 

As it took shape, I found myself channeling the work of Grigory Gluckmann (1898-1959) a little-known (but just try to buy one!!) painter of misty, poetic figures. 

Among the similarities here are the hairstyles, the soft, pudgy body types and the...

The painter Thomas Wilmer Dewing (1851 – 1938) often depicts elegant yet distant women, their gaze averted, shrouded in a mysterious haze that follows them everywhere – even indoors! 

A similar misty atmosphere seems to veil this American- looking but totally imaginary wraith.   Dewing would probably have loved swimming pool blue.  

There is a reason we choose this image as the cover of our catalog of Grace Gemberling Keast's work.  The image is powerful.  Painted in the early 1930s, "Unemployed" expresses a period in time when nothing was definite, especially the economy.  The introspective look of the figure and his body language suggest the situation before you ever know the title of the...

A vibrant and exceptional example of the work of Edmund Henry Osthaus (1858-1928).  Osthaus, one of the most desirable sporting painters, painted this illustration of three dogs in the hunt.