Furniture Items


American decorative arts are conceived of as having been created and originally used in distinct style periods.  Collectors, dealers, and scholars refer to these periods in order to quickly summarize the basic characteristics of a decorative arts object.  It is important to keep in mind, however, that the date ranges assigned to each period are guidelines rather than strict divisions.  Styles rose and waned in popularity gradually and inconsistently across regions, age groups, and economic brackets. You’ll find in our inventory furniture representing many of the key periods in American decorative furniture styles.  These styles include Jacobian (1680-1700), William and Mary (1700-1740), Queen Anne (1740-1760), Chippendale (1760-1780) and Hepplewhite (1780-1800), Sheraton (1800-1810), Neoclassical (1810-1840), Victorian (1840-1880), Arts & Crafts (1890-1910), Art Nouveau (1910-30) and Mid-Century Modern (1940-1960).”