Blankets Items


"Blankets may be an oversimplified term for this category.  We look for many wall and bed coverings that could broadly fit this term.  Quilts, and Native American blankets are just a couple of vibrant and boldly patterned examples of this category. If there is a blanket you are looking for and do not see, please call or email, we may not have cataloged it yet.”

Blanket featuring white and red crosses on black, purple and blue striped ground. The blanket is woven from Germantown wools. During the Classic Period, the Navajo made three types of longer than wide serape style blankets.  The Moqui (Moki) pattern consisted of alternating stripes of indigo and natural brown, often separated by narrow white stripes.  Early traders thought the Hopi...

Eyedazzler blanket woven out of 4-ply synthetically and naturally dyed Germantown wools.