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Still Life

"The art of a still life or Trompe de L'oeil is in making often banal and modest subjects like fruit, game, small objects and guns spring to life. Composition and rendering is so important to the evaluation of a good still life regardless of the style which is applied. If you do not find a still life or Trompe de L'oeil painting you are looking for, please call or email, we may not have cataloged it yet.""

Very unusual large and visual Trompe L'oeil game painting on a board.  Birds, guns and a bugle.  Italian artist and dated 1910.

Wondeful still life scene of peaches spread across a table by West Chester artist George Cope.

Oil on canvas still life of early indenture and various items along a table.

Oil on canvas of two boxes of strawberries on a table one spilling out.

Oil on canvas of a beautiful black stallion and a terrier in front of a grand red stable


We could not easily name the large vine that sprouted in the flower bed but - mostly out of curiousity - decided not to disturb it.  By Summer’s end it had engulfed ten feet of our back steps, put forth dozens of huge orange blossoms, and finally - produced one small, perfect pumpkin.


A beautiful still life with vibrant colors depicting apples, jugs, wine and a newspaper by Thomas Henry Hope (1832-1926).

An excellent example of a 19th century still life.

Signed lower right.

Charming and well rendered still life in period tiger maple frame.

Primitive and charming still life of fruit in compote with blue field, polychromed leafing.