Weathervanes Items


"Very few objects in the folk art space attract as much attention as weathervanes, and for good reason.  Introduced in the American market as early as the 18th century, their adaptation became popular with the copper and zinc casts of the late 19th century.  Some noted makers like Harris, Jewel, Cushing and others produced exceptional examples of subjects as varied as cars, Native Americans and animals.  Collectors look for rarity, surface and condition when evaluating weathervanes.  If you do not see one on our site, please feel free to contact us via email or phone, it could be we have not cataloged it yet."

The Patchen Horse Weathervane is an iconic representation of the famous racehorse "George M. Patchen" cast in copper.  The striking image of a racehorse leaping through the air is one of grace and agility.  The weathervane has been gold gilded in the 20th century and rests on an iron base.

The evaluation of a weathervane often juxtaposes the aspects of a vane that are manufactured with the impact of their exposure to the elements.  Sometimes you are fortunate enough to have a weathervane that is singular in its presentation.  This one has the benefit of the human hand.  A zinc weathered head with nice horns and ears is soldered to the copper body.  Besides...

Unique pine griffin with red paint accents on the tail and tongue. Sits on a black pedestal and iron bar.